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From art direction to art: why not?

For more than thirty years Daniele Cima has been an Art Director and Creative Director in the most noted Italian advertisement agencies, establishing a high reputation among Italian creatives, some of which consider him the “Best Italian Art Director ever”.

Cima is particularly appreciated for his ability to combine rigour with visual experimentation and for his evident sensitivity to aesthetic likability. 

He's considered an eclectic virtuous, that has been acknowledged with a large number of awards and other forms of recognition in and out of Italy.

Starting from the new millennium, he mostly dedicated himself to pure art, through the creation of some series of artistic projects, marked by the escape from the obvious and a sophisticated mocking of any rule.

He knows how to perceive reality differently and propose it differently, through shapes and color combinations that represent his personal way of interpreting it.

His artistic production expresses a strong vital energy, a positivity, a hope, an optimistic vision that brings us back to the phenomenon of pop art, which has always been his point of reference.

All his artistic work of the last thirty years is documented in the volume "Coming Out", edited by Eugenio Alberti Schatz, published by Antiga Edizioni, released in 2021. 

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